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Notice on Application for PKU International Students Academic Award

Publish:2017-09-29 13:48:14

PKU International Students Academic Award is offered by Peking University to international students at PKU who are not only outstanding in virtue but also in their academic field.

i. Criteria and Eligibility:
(1) Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens
(2) Applicants must be PKU senior undergraduates or graduating Master's students or PhD candidates
(3) Applicants may only apply once during their entire studies at PKU
(4) Graduate students in one year Master's programs or joint degree programs are not eligible to apply.
(5) Students who are recipients of other awards are eligible to apply

ii. Documents to be Prepared:
(1) Application Form; (download)
(2) Transcript; Undergraduate students' transcripts should be requested from their department/school
Master's and PhD students’transcripts should be printed at graduate school’s self-help printers on the first floor of the New Sun Student Center
(3) Two letters of recommendation from professors of their department (for graduating Master's and PhD students only);
(4) Papers published (including the first page of the periodical where the paper was issued, the copy of the contents of the periodical, and the abstract of the paper (if any)) (only for the graduating Masters and PhD students);
(5) List of published papers (for graduate students only). Please click on the link to download the format.

ⅲ. Date of Application:
October 9th to October 13th 2017 , before 16:00.

ⅳ. Location of Application:
The Dean’s Office of your department/school

ⅴ. Value of Award:
This award includes: 
First Prize for PhD Candidates: 10,000RMB (no more than 3 recipients)
Second Prize for PhD Candidates: 5,000RMB (no more than 8 recipients)
Prize for master's Students: 5,000RMB (no more than 12 recipients)
Prize for undergraduate student: 4,000RMB (no more than 30 recipients)
 ⅵ. Review Methods and Standards:
(1) Candidates should register on time, take courses according to their academic requirements and achieve excellent academic results;
(2)Undergraduate students must complete 90% of their compulsory courses (including major-required courses and common required courses) by the end of the third academic year. The ranking for this award is conducted according to the average GPA and the overall performance of required courses.
(3) Graduate students will be evaluated according to course examination results, academic accomplishment and research and innovation ability;
(4)PhD candidate applicants for the first prize must have papers published on professional official publications; the author of the publication should belong to an institution in Peking University and the papers must be published during the applicant's study at Peking University.
Contact Information
International Students Division
Office of International Relations
New Sun Student Center

Tel: 86-10-62751230

                                        International Students Division
                                       Office of International Relations
                                                September 28th, 2017