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2017 The International PhD Program at Guanghua School of Management

Publish:2015-10-26 14:56:34

 for International Applicants

Program Introduction
The International Ph.D Program (IPh.D) of Guanghua aims at educating and developing young management scholars who are able to conduct highly qualified scientific research, to advance the quality of management research in China and globally.
Modeled after Ph.D programs in North American research universities, the full-time program is designed for candidates with outstanding intellectual abilities and strong commitment to research, to produce university faculty members who are excellent researchers and teachers, especially in business schools. The program uses English language for main area courses, papers, and dissertations. The program faculty includes many famous international scholars who teach some of the courses and serve as students’ dissertation committees.
Students are not allowed to work on non-research projects while enrolled in the IPh.D program. An opportunity to participate in international exchange is provided on competitive basis. Academic Conference Travel Fund is provided for international conference attendance if a student presents a first or single author paper.
The program follows a strict annual-review system. Those who cannot pass the annual review may be disqualified from continuing in the IPh.D study the next year. Such students may be allowed to complete a Master’s degree instead.
Program Areas
The program admits doctoral candidates in the following areas:
1.  Organizational behavior and human resources management,
2.  Marketing
3.  Strategic management.
Program Length
The program lasts five years for Bachelor-Degree holders and four years for Master-Degree holders.
Entry Requirements
1.   Non-Chinese citizens above age of 18 and under age of 45, with a Bachelor or Master Degree;
2.   Competitive applicants should have good UG and/or PG grades, strong references, and research experience, having a clear interest in pursuing academic career at a research-oriented university;
3.   A GMAT test score of 680 or higher, or a GRE test score of 310 or higher(1200 for GRE old version).Scores lower than the given requirements could be considered on a competitive basis;
4.   Applicants who undertook their studies in a language other than English are required to demonstrate English language proficiency by providing TOEFL scores of no less than 100;
5.   HSK scores of level 6 (over 210 points in total, and Writing over 65 points) is required.
Application Materials
1.   Peking University Application Form for International Students (Master and Ph.D.  Programs) with a photograph fixed. Please visit, fill in the application form and submit, then print the auto-generated hardcopy for reference;
2.   Graduation certificate and degree diploma (applicants expecting to graduate should provide an official letter stating the expected graduation date), must be original documents or certified copies either in Chinese or English;
3.   Official transcripts of your academic achievement up to the present, including courses taken and standard achieved, must be original documents or certified copies either in Chinese or English;
4.   A personal statement (800 words for master program, 1500 words for doctorate program, must be in Chinese.) The template can be downloaded at;
5.   Two recommendation letters from your referees. The referees should be professors or persons with relevant academic title. At least one of them should have knowledge of your recent academic work. The recommendation letter must be original documents either in Chinese or English. The template of recommendation letters can be downloaded at;
6.   Official copies of GMAT/GRE scores, and English proficiency tests results if needed ( such as TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, etc.) ;
7.   A copy of your HSK results;
8.   Table of contents and abstracts of your academic publications and any other original achievement in your field;
9.   One photocopy of your valid passport (passport type must be ordinary).
Note: Two copies of all application materials are required, one original and one duplicate. Please hand in personally or sent them by post to International Students Division of Peking University (Please see the “contact information” below for the detailed mailing address. The envelope must be marked ‘Application for Graduate Admission’).
Application Fee 
800 RMB, paid in cash, by Yinlian bank card or through online payment. Any other currency or travel check would not be accepted.
Please note that incomplete application materials or application without application fee will not be processed. All the application materials would NOT be returned. The application fee is NOT refundable.
Application Deadline
From October 15th,to November 30th, 2016. Please make sure mailed materials arrive before deadline.
Where to apply
International Students Division of Peking University, See the "contact information" below.
Admission Evaluation
1.   Initial screening. After the International Student Office send the application information which meet the basic application requirements to Guanghua School of Management, an admissions committee comprised of Guanghua faculty and invited international professors select qualified students based on application information. The strength of the recommendation letters, the academic record at the applicant’s undergraduate/graduate institution, and his/her research agenda, with its fit within the general research interests of Guanghua’s faculty, are all evaluated, as evidence of intellectual ability and a commitment to a career in research;
2.   IPh.D evaluation interview. Applications who passed the screening will receive an Evaluative Interview in April 2017, which may include a written test and an interview. Only those who passed the written test can have the opportunity for the interview.
3.   By the evaluative interview, the admission committee makes its recommendations for admission to Guanghua School of Management. Peking University makes the official admission decisions and an "Admission Notice" will be sent to the successful candidates by the end of June, 2017.
Tuition Fee(per year per person)
32,000 RMB
Contact Information
International Students Division, Office of International Relations (For application)
New Sun Student Center, Peking University, BJ, 100871 PRC
People' s Republic of China
Telephone: (86-10)- 6275 1230
Fax: (86-10)-6275 1233
International Ph.D Program Admission (For program enquiry)
Guanghua School of Management
Peking University
Tel: (86-10)-6274 7014/7015