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Sciences Po - Peking University Dual Master’s Degree in International Relations Prospectus for 2018 Entry

Publish:2017-11-30 10:14:00

About the Program
The Sciences Po-PKU Dual Master’s Degree is a collaborative program on general international studies and is multidisciplinary by nature, which covers political science, international political economy, and emerging subjects like energy and environment in international studies. It emphasizes multi-cultural perspectives on global security and developmental issues and provides a unique opportunity for students to study international affairs at Paris in Europe and Beijing in Asia.
Program Overview
The dual degree Sciences Po–PKU is a two-year full-time academic program. Students spend their first year studying at Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA), Sciences Po, where they choose between the 7 specialised masters offered in international affairs. In the second year, students join the School of International Studies (SIS) at Peking University to study a Master of International Relations with an emphasis on security and development issues and a regional focus on China and the Asia-Pacific region.
Students remain enrolled in both institutions for both years; they will therefore benefit from all the students’ services (free access to library, student unions, career services…).


Year 1 at Sciences Po
During the first year of the dual degree, students join the Paris School of International Affairs at Sciences Po (PSIA).
Students joining PSIA may choose one of the following master’s programs during the first year of the dual degree:
Master in International Security
Master in International Public Management
Master in International Economic Policy
Master in Environmental Policy
Master in International Development
Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action
Master in International Energy
Dual degree students have to complete the required courses related to their chosen Master at PSIA. In addition, dual degree students must take at least one course on China during their year at PSIA during either the first or the second semester. Dual degree students will follow one language class at Sciences Po per semester.
The course assessment will be the same as that of regular students enrolled at the school where the students study. For more information, go to

Year 2 at Peking University

During the second year of the dual degree, students join the School of International Studies at Peking University (SIS-PKU), majoring in International Relations.
At Peking University the students will write a thesis. According to Peking University’s requirement, the students should submit a dissertation and perform oral defense of the dissertation by the end of Semester 4.
At Peking University, international students will take Chinese language classes.
Final graduation will rely on the validation by the student of both years of the programme. Therefore, students will get a temporary graduation in July of the first year at Sciences Po, while the final graduation is upon the completion of all required studies at Peking University in the second year.
2017-2018 Course Offering is available from 2017 Handbook For International Master's Programs at SIS (, see page 69.
v  22 total credits required for international students, including language course and 21 total credits for Chinese students respectively.
v  Total credits are composed by 9 credits of compulsory courses, plus 4 credits of language course for international students, and 9 credits of elective courses for international students and 12 credits of elective courses for Chinese students respectively.
Course offering of 2018-2019 at Peking University will be available in May, 2018 and subject to change.
All applicants, need to apply online through Sciences Po’s website before February 28, 2018 via:
All applications will be reviewed by the joint committee from both Sciences Po and Peking University.
For international applicants, interviews (via phone or skype) will be arranged when necessary.
Joint admission notification will be sent by Sciences Po on behalf of both institutions by mid-April, 2018. Upon successful completion of the first year at Sciences Po, an official PKU admission letter and visa form (for international students) will be sent from Peking University by July of 2019.
For international applicants, upon accepting the joint offer sent from Sciences Po on behalf of both institutions, are required to complete a PKU Online Pre-registration step. To complete the PKU Pre-registration, applicants with offers need to visit, and complete the Pre-registration with successful payment of an un-refundable PKU Pre-registration fee of RMB 400 yuan by April 20, 2018. And then, both hard and soft copy of the completed PKU Pre-registration form and portrait photo are required to be sent to SIS.
· Hard copy of the PKU Pre-registration form and five copies of 25mm*35mm portrait photo need to be RECEIVED at LIU Lu (Ms.), B101, School of International Studies, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China by May 1, 2018
· Soft copy of the PKU Pre-registration form (in PDF) and passport size photo in white background need to be RECEIVED at LIU Lu (Ms.)’s email address by May 1, 2018.
Admission cannot be completed without receiving the documents mentioned above by the deadline.
Tuition Fee and Funding
For 2018 entry, the tuition fee for year two at PKU is RMB 95,000 yuan. The tuition fee for year one at Sciences Po, please visit .
According to the agreement by Sciences Po and Peking University, Sciences Po will provide ONE scholarship for students from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan based on the application materials to the dual degree program, while Peking University will provide ONE scholarship, approximately USD 10,000 to international students based on year one performance of the dual degree at PSIA, Sciences Po.
During the year one study at Sciences Po, international students can also apply to the Chinese Government Scholarship for year two. Information is provided by the Chinese Scholarship Council ( and the Chinese Embassy of the student’s country of origin. The CGS will provide the awardees with a monthly living stipend and assistance with accommodation arrangement. The PKU tuition fee will be partly covered by the CGS (students are expected to make up for the difference by other means).
For more scholarship opportunities, at Sciences Po, please visit , at PKU, for international students, please visit, for students from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, please visit
Degree Conferral
Upon successful completion of studies at both institutions, students will be conferred Master Degree of Law and Master Degree of International Affairs by PKU and Sciences Po respectively.
After graduation, students from the program have been employed in a wide variety of international organizations (such as International Energy Agency), government agencies (i.e. Chinese/French Ministry of Foreign Affairs), financial companies (i.e. China Development Bank, The Export-Import Bank of China), consulting firms (i.e. Capgemini Consulting, Bain & Company), NGOs (i.e. China ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Center), the media sector and think tanks. Some students continued to pursue their doctoral degree.
Contact at Peking University:
8610-6275-9615 (Tel)
Contact at Sciences Po:
· For questions regarding admission procedures (application, scholarship, requirements, etc.), please contact:
· For further queries, please contact Mylene Hardy and Huayin Liu - Sciences Po Representatives in China
PSIA: please contact the academi