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The Graduate School of Landscape Architecture

Publish:2013-08-14 15:01:21

Graduate School of Landscape Architecture was established in January 2003, and its predecessor was Landscape Planning and Design Center of Peking University founded in January 1998. the establishment of GSLA is to handle the man-land relationship crisis caused by China's current and future large-scale urbanization, meet the social urgent needs of talents in high-quality urban and landscape planning and design, and face the challenges that the globalization caused to on culture and education actively.
Graduate School of Landscape Architecture only recruit postgraduate students, and offer advanced training and education.
Running mode of GSLA
Training objectives and direction
GSLA is market demand-oriented, and aimed to cultivate high-level, practical, versatile, international leader type talents that have solid foundation, reasonable knowledge tructure, design, organization and management skills of landscape, good foreign language ability and International competitiveness. The main specialties include: Land and Regional Landscape Planning, New urban and community planning and design, Urban and Regional Ecology Infrastructure Planning and Design, Science and Technology Park and Campus Planning, Urban neighborhoods with lots of landscape design, Integrated real estate development planning and design, Landscape and Heritage Planning and Design, Landscape Planning and Design of Outdoor Recreation, Landscape Architecture, Landscape and Urban Management.
Teaching mode
We will refer to the teaching mode of Harvard University
(1) Inviting limited Professors (through the establishment of a special fund)
(2) Introducing foreign intelligence, international scholars and designers
(3) Designing modular Courses: free combination, form a flexible and diversified team of teachers and adapt to social needs of the professional education system.
(4) Workshop and studio mode: with the actual project, carrying out short-term workshops and curriculum design approach to education.
(5) School system. Designing a variety of graduate degrees and above depending on the professional backgrounds.
Postgraduate program, including Master of Science of architecture design and theory, takes 3 years. Master of Science of geography (landscape architecture), takes 2 years (currently). Professional masters of landscape architecture (MLA, Master of Landscape architecture), takes 3 years. The college is also planning to launch master of engineering (architecture specialty), and urban design (professional or specialty).
In order to promote the development of the discipline and the cultivation of talents, the college is planning to carry out second bachelor’s degree in design and bachelor-master degree educational program, and further promote programs for PhD architecture and for landscape design (landscape architecture) as first class discipline.
We would like to invite those who aspire to become top talents in the design field to study in our college, and become members of the college of architecture and landscape architecture in the future.
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