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The School of Chinese as a Second Language

Publish:2013-08-14 14:53:36

The School of Chinese as a Second Language is a school of Peking University which is dedicated exclusively to the research and teaching of Chinese as a second language. Peking University started to admit overseas students in 1952 shortly after the new China was founded and is the institution with the longest history of teaching Chinese as a second language in China. The School was founded on 29th June 2002 as a result of decades of growth and development.
Currently, the school conducts two M.A. programs, and a Ph.D. programs.
The School has currently 56 full-time teachers, among whom are 9 professors and 34 associate professors. Apart from full-time teachers, more than 50 part-time teachers work for the School and have become an indispensable component of the School. The faculty members have varied educational background in linguistics, literature and education as well as rich experiences in the research and teaching of Chinese as a second language.(
The focus of inquiry of the School is teaching and learning Chinese as a second language and thus there have been studies around this focus on Chinese phonetics, vocabulary, grammar and characters and researches on the acquisition of Chinese as a second language, Chinese culture and Business Chinese Test. Apart from these researches, teachers of the School have undertaken numerous national and university research projects and hundreds of research papers and scores of monographs have come out in the past decade.
The School attaches great importance to international collaboration and exchange and until present has established partnership relations with numerous well-known universities. Peking University has established 9 Confucius Institutes in collaboration with partner institutions abroad including Free University of Berlin and Ritsumeikan University. 
So far the school has formed a systematic, large-scaled teaching and research system which also emphasizes the features of teaching Chinese as a second language. With improved teaching facilities, normative education management, good studying environment and excellent teaching quality, the school has earned an excellent reputation among the students. 
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