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School of Journalism and Communication

Publish:2013-08-14 14:48:16

Peking University's School of Journalism and Communication was founded on May 28th, 2001, aiming at nurturing talented professionals in journalism and communication who have a world vision, are familiar with government policies and regulations, understand and master the new technology, and have a solid command of foreign languages.
The school is organized into four departments and nine institutes, namely, the Department of Journalism, the Department of  Communication, the Department of Advertisement, the Department of New Media and Internet Communication, Institute of Culture and Communication ,Institute of Modern Publishing, Institute of Modern Advertisement, Institute of Russian Communication and Media, Center for World Chinese-Language Media ,Center for Market and Media Studies; Institute of Journalism, Peking University; Center for Intercultural Communication and Management Studies; Audio-Visual Communication Research Center, Peking University
Currently, the school conducts four B.A. programs, eleven M.A. programs, and Ph.D. programs. The four B.A. programs are: Journalism, Publishing and Editing, Advertising, Radio & TV Broadcasting. The eleven M.A, programs are: International Journalism, Journalistic Communication, Economic and Financial Journalism, Internet Journalism, Mass Communication, International Communication, Communication Theory and Research Methodology, Advertising, New Media and Internet Communication, Media Management, Publishing and Editing. The PhD program is Communication.