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Guanghua School of Management

Publish:2013-08-14 14:45:32

Peking University is a world-renowned for more than one hundred years, and Halls of academe for the students. As the business school of Peking University specializing in MBA research and education, Guanghua School of Management(GSM) adheres to a long cultural tradition、 Deep academic thinking and rich cultural heritage from Peking University, and stands at the forefront of the research of China's economic development & business management and education, making providing the society the management education of international standard as a  mission, as well as taking efforts to cultivate academic and business leaders with innovative spirit, good ethics and ability to face the new challenges.
Guanghua School of Management has a first-class faculty, with 89 full-time teachers, including 30 professors, 34 associate professors, 25 lecturers. 78 teachers have a doctorate, including 43 with a overseas doctorate, and the proportion of foreign doctorate teachers ranks first in all the domestic similar institutions. A large number of well-versed academic authorities with statement spread far and wide cast the independent academic thinking and strong academic atmosphere of GSM.
College also invites the domestic and foreign experts and scholars of great profession and business elites rich with rich actual management experience as part-time professors, holding seminars in the college to teach students the theory of MBA and the latest knowledge and skills of practice at home and abroad.
Guanghua is also blessed with students of the highest intellectual abilities. In order to reflect the cross-disciplinary nature in our undergraduate admission, GSM has insisted the principle of Science and Arts for many years, and every year about one fifth of the champions of national college entrance examination in all the Provinces and autonomous regions.
To adapt to economic globalization and opportunities and challenges brought by China's reform and opening up, Guanghua School of Management has established a close academic exchanges and cooperation with dozens of international institutions all over the world. The college often sends abroad instructors to study in or visit foreign business school, learning the advanced teaching content and methods in order to improve our quality of management education. The College has also signed the student exchange agreements with a dozen universities of the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and many students exchange to study abroad every year.
The graduates of GSM have high comprehensive quality, good social reputation, and a broad employment prospects. Take 2003 and 2004 as an example, the main destination of graduates are as follows: 35% got access to large multinational companies, 15% got into the banking, securities, insurance and other financial institutions, 15% entered the Ministry of Finance, China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission, the NDRC and other economic managing government agencies and state-owned large enterprises, and the other 35% chose to study further in PKU or go abroad. Among the graduates who joined the multinational companies and financial institutions, many excellent students was also elected to get trained or work abroad.
GSM has complete disciplines, and there are undergraduate, graduate (including MBA), multi-level educational programs of doctoral and post-doctoral research station. We offer undergraduates six disciplines: finance, accounting, business management, marketing, human resource management, and financial management.
In 2005, Guanghua School of Management made innovation and adjustment in undergraduate enrollment and cultivating aspects. Recruiting students Unified in accordance with type of business administration, and Science and Arts both are ok, limiting English candidates only. The freshmen will take an intensive training in English and mathematics unified for a year and a half. Students will be divided into four different disciplines in the end of the first semester of Sophomore on students’ volunteer and learning conditions: finance, accounting, human resources management, and marketing.
Finance: Learning Finance requires strong mathematical skills and English proficiency, for the majority of courses are taught in English. This discipline mainly cultivates world-class talents with a solid monetary theory foundation, modern management knowledge, higher level ability of foreign language and practical work. Graduates majorly work in commercial banking, investment banking, trust and investment companies, insurance agencies, securities firms and foreign financial institutions.
Accounting: Accounting cultivates talents with certain economic theory, solid accounting theory foundation, higher level ability of foreign language and practice. The curriculum and teaching methods of Undergraduate lay the necessary theoretical and practical foundation for cultivating manager with the ability of modern accounting, auditing and other integrated management capabilities. The society has a huge demand for accounting graduates, and students are mainly work in foreign enterprises, banks and accounting firms.
Human Resource Management: students of this discipline mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of management, economics and human resource management, and get the basic training in human resource management methods and techniques, with basic capabilities of analyzing and solving the basic problem of human resource management.
Marketing: The training goal of this discipline is to enable the students have the theory foundation of  economics and management, Professional knowledge of domestic and international marketing management and the ability of making marketing management decisions and practice. Graduates will be suitable for all kinds of companies and enterprises engaged in marketing, developing, managing, and forecasting domestic and international market.
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