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School of Arts

Publish:2013-08-14 14:43:52

The School of Arts of Peking University was founded on January 11, 2006, which marks Peking University with the long rich tradition of art education and research of has opened a new chapter.

The predecessor of the Department of Arts is the Institute of the Arts which was founded in April 1997. Now there are 5 five departments: Department of Arts, Department of Music, Department of Painting, Department of Television Arts, and department of Culture and Arts Management.

The Institute of Arts added the profession of film director for undergraduate from the fall semester of 2001.this profession requires four years of schooling, and award Bachelor ‘degree of Arts. It enrolls about 30 students nationwide (part of the students are through Artistic skills enrollment, the other are through college admission). There are about 120 students a total of the four grades.

Video art is an emerging art on the basis of sound, light, electricity, electronics and other highly developed science and technology, and it aggregates numerous cutting-edge technology, the humanities, and social aspects of life,and has a very broad development prospects.

The profession of Film director relies on the pku’s strong advantage in humanities, learning from the advanced experience of visual arts education of the world, using modern teaching methods, conducting an open, community-oriented, and focuse- on the future of teaching practice, reflecting the high standard of teaching.
The profession of Film director committed to cultivating wide caliber and complex type of high-level talents who can engage in and the creation, directing, producing, teaching, research and commentary of visual arts, planning, management and publishing of film and television, and also moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic developed, theoretical qualities and practical skills combined, for film and television scripts and television programs

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