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School of Archaeology and Museology

Publish:2013-08-14 14:39:48

School of Archaeology and Museology, Peking University has a strong faculty, rich books &Cultural information, excellent teaching &laboratory equipment, and the academic level is at the leading position at home and abroad. We recruit domestic and foreign undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students of all levels, and have a postdoctoral. The college has 2 departments: Department of Archaeology & Museuology and Department of Cultural Heritage Studies, and 4 majors: Archeology, Museology, heritage buildings and heritage.


The laboratory of Archaeology was established in 1922, and is one profession of long history at PKU. As the only national key discipline in the field, Archaeological profession has a number of experts and academic leaders who enjoy a high prestige in both the domestic and abroad archaeological circles. our teaching and research level are in a leading position and have a great influence in the international community, known as the "cradle of Chinese archaeologists" and "Chinese archaeological research center." The professional has a cross-cutting nature of Arts& Science, requiring students having a solid foundation of the professional knowledge, basic skills, broader knowledge of the humanities, certain artistic accomplishment, and preliminary research ability of archeology and cultural heritage a study. Graduates can engage both in archeology, heritage and museums, and other professional work, and adapt to work in the humanities and social sciences of all relevant aspects, as well as the solid foundation for further studying, and pursuing for Master's degree of the profession and the relevant.


Museology was founded in 1988, relying on the numerous different types of museums and a lot of experts and scholars of Beijing, and has a modern Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archeology, have extensive academic exchanges and close contact with foreign museum academia. The profession emphasizes on the combination of basic theory and practical application, and has courses of museum exhibition design, museum collections management and other practical courses besides the theoretical museology course. In addition, courses of heritage study, heritage, arts and crafts expand the students 'knowledge and improve students' artistic accomplishments. Graduates of Museology not only can get into all levels of governmental administrative department for cultural relics or become backbone of various museums work, but also can continue to pursue a master's degree in museology and related professional.

Cultural relic Conservation

The profession of Cultural relic Conservation is founded to meet the needs of the National Heritage, and mainly trains expertise in conservation and restoration. The conservation professional direction has its own laboratory, with a variety of analytical instruments, research equipment, and good teaching and research conditions. This profession recruits science candidates, and the graduates can engage in cultural heritage conservation and restoration and other technical work and administrative work of the national system, and also can continue to pursue a Master’s degree and PHD.

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