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Student Organizations&Extracurricular Activities

Publish:2013-08-13 12:21:31

Student Organizations

Peking University has more than a hundred student organizations. These organizations recruit new members during the month of September. Students may learn about the ongoing and the upcoming events of the various student organizations by observing the notices displayed on the notice boards around campus. Students are encouraged to be active in their university life by getting involved in the various organizations/societies that they are interested in.

Extracurricular Activities

The Division of International Students Office organizes cultural events, trips and tours around the city for the students. Each program’s department also organizes after-classes/extracurricular activities which students are encouraged to participate.
The university also provides its students with facilities for sports and recreation. Students are required to pay an entrance fee to gain access to these facilities. The gymnasiums on campus are:
No.1 Stadium (for soccer, baseball…etc) and No.2 Gymnasium (for basketball and tennis) located at the basement of the Science Building
Wu Si Stadium (for badmn, tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, track and field, and swimming)
Table Tennis Court located east to Dormitory 33 and Shao Yuan Building 2

Students are also encouraged to join clubs and associations such as the cultural performance club, dance club, athletic clubs, choir, orchestra and other forms of student organizations.