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Publish:2013-08-13 12:14:07

Tuition Fees

The new tuition fees rate is effective to the students who entered the university after 1 January 2014.  
Annual Tuition fees for full-time students 2014 till present:                                              (unitYuan)
Liberal Arts
Natural Sciences
Undergraduates 26,000 30,000  
GVS1 26,000 30,000  
GVS2 26,000 30,000  
GVS3 18,000 RMB/semester  
Master’s Students 29,000 33,000  
Senior Visiting Students 30,000 34,000  
Doctoral Students 32,000 40,000  
Research Scholars Scholars are charged with monthly tuition fees of 3,320 RMB  
Pre-enrollmentStudents 36,000 RMB  
Short Term Programs 4 weeks: 6,000 RMB   6 weeks: 8,000 RMB
8 weeks: 10,000 RMB
For special programs and English-taught programs, please read their specific requirements for tuition fee payment.


1.  Graduate Students may apply to extend the duration of their study if they are unable to graduate by their designated time of graduation. Under the proper conditions, the university may approve for these students to pay a reduced tuition fee while they complete the remaining of their studies. The reduced tuition fee is termed as the ‘Fees for Study Extension’(延长学费):
(1) The Fees for Study Extension is half the amount of the students’ regular tuition fees.
(2) International Students may apply for the entitlement to pay the Fees for Study Extension through the Division for International Students’ Office a month before the semester ends.
(3) Requirements/ Eligibilities of the applicants:
*Have maintained a good student record and have not been away from the university for more than 2 semesters.
* Completion of his/her program’s required number of units
* Completion of his/her designated duration of study.
(4) Students who are entitled to pay the Fees for Study Extension are to enjoy the same privileges, other than on-campus housing arrangements, as other regular international students of the university.
(5) Students who are entitled to pay the Fees for Study Extension are required to live off-campus.
The designated duration of study for Undergraduate Students is 4 years. However, students may apply to extend their duration of study for another 2 years. During the extended period of study, students who are re-taking more than 2 classes per semester will have to pay the full amount of their regular tuition fees. Meanwhile,students who are re-taking 2 classes (or lesser) per semester are eligible to pay the Fees for Study Extension of 8,300 RMB/year instead of their regular tuition fees.
2.  The processing fee for extending the duration of studies for visiting students is300 CNY
3. The fee for visiting students’ certificates and transcriptsis10 CNY per copy(the first copy is free)

Regulations for Paying Tuition

1.Students studying for more than one semester but less than one full year must pay one full year’s tuition. Students staying for one semester or less must pay half of the full year tuition price.
2.International students should pay their tuition fees within the university’s regulated time frame.If due to financial difficulties or other reasons, you are unable to pay the entire academic year's tuition at once, you can apply to pay the academic year's tuition per semester instead. In other words, you can pay the whole academic year's tuition in two halves rather than one whole.
3.The deadline for paying tuition is on the day that the student registers at Peking University
If a student does not pay the full amount of their tuition within 30 days of registering, they will automatically be dismissed from the university

Regulations Regarding Refunds

1.International students who wish to suspend their studies must receive approval, but will not receive a refund of their tuition, however their paid tuition is still valid upon their return.
2.Regarding the refund policy, please refer to No. 147, article 26 in the 2005 version of school document
Students wishing to receive tuition or housing refunds must provide their original receipt in order to receive any refund.
(1) Students who discontinue their studies for personal reasons must receive approval from their department and all related branches and 10 percent of tuition will not be refunded in order to cover university costs. The remaining tuition will be refunded to the student. The total amount will be transferred to the university.
(2) Students who discontinue their studies within two months of the start of the semester will only be refunded 50% of that semester’s tuition. Students who discontinue their studies after two months into the semester will not receive any refund for that semester’s tuition.
Please note that according to Chinese financial policies, all refunds require an original receipt in order to carry out these procedures. Please save all receipts in order to avoid any unfavorable consequences!

Housing Expenses

International students living on campus (Zhongguanyuan Global Village, Shaoyuan Student Dormitories) should pay all fees within the scheduled time. Students who fall behind on their housing payments will no longer be qualified to live in the student dorms. Students must return their room key when checking out of the dorms.
Students living off campus should settle all accounts regarding their rent to avoid any conflicts upon departure.