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Non-degree Students

Publish:2013-08-13 11:21:04

Checking out Information for Visiting Students

This semester will end on July 1th, 2013. Visiting students who are expected to graduate from PKU this semester may come to International Students Division to apply for transcripts and certifications.
When to apply: 1. At least one week before your departure
2. Also Before July 5th, 2013,work day only
To apply: Shao Yuan Building 3, room 109
Please bring your student ID

Applying for Official Transcripts

1. Visiting students who will graduate from PKU this semester may apply for official transcripts from the International Students Division (Shao Yuan 3-109) two weeks before graduation. The first copy will be issued for free. 10 RBM will be charged for each additional copy.
2. For courses from College for Chinese Language Studies: transcripts will come out two weeks after the last examination.
For courses from other departments: It is possible that the transcripts will not be done till the new semester begin. Students should apply for their academic records from the department’s registration office, and then submit them to the International Students Division in order to complete an official transcript.
3. Students may choose to: (a) pick the transcripts in person; (b) have a friend to pick them; (c) have the program officers at PKU to pick them. (d) apply for transcripts mail service. Students are supposed to buy stamps and write the mailing address on envelops. Be aware that because of limited staff members, this service will not be active until middle of October.
4. Students who continue to study at PKU next semester may come to the office to check academic records and credits by middle September, though no formal transcripts will be issued.


International Students Division
Peking University
June 10, 2013