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Publish:2013-08-13 13:21:57

Peking University alumni E-mail system provides reliable mail service for PKU alumni. To facilitate your use of alumni E-mail we offer you instructions as follows:
1. About the Alumni E-mail
Peking University Alumni Network, established by PKU Alumni Association and Alumni Affairs Office, offers free E-mail services to PKU alumni. Each user can get a free mailbox with a capacity of 2G. Peking University Computer Center provides technological support for this service.
E-mail address ends with the site “”. You can visit the homepage of alumni network (, or enter the E-mail directly through If you use Outlook or Foxmail to send and receive E-mails, you should set your sending server as “”, and change your receiving server to “”. The “user name” is your complete e-mail address like “”. For the SMTP server, you need to check the authentication.
The system can automatically forward letters. If the alumni E-mail is not your most frequently used E-mail, we recommend you making some adjustment in "Settings"— the "auto-forward" option, and you do not need to retain the copies of the E-mails. In this way, you can receive your E-mails in time and also save the alumni e-mail system resources.
2. Qualifications for Application (you are supposed to meet one of the following requirements)
(1) You should have a PKU official diploma of Junior College, Bachelor, Master, PhD or Post-doctoral degree. (For Bachelors who studied at PKU before 1977 and Masters and PhDs who studied at PKU before 1987, the identity verification will take longer time due to the incomplete alumni information.)
(2) For faculty and staff who worked or are working at PKU, you should have official work certificates and faculty and staff numbers.
(3) You are an Honorary Professor or Honorary PhD with an official certificate granted by Peking University.
(4) You are an undergraduate/graduate student studying at PKU.
3. Procedures for Application
(1) Register on Alumni homepage with your real personal information. False information will not be verified. The Alumni network commits to protect the privacy of every user.
(2) After you pass the alumni identity verification, you will receive a confirmation letter, in which there is a link to the personal data area you can apply for your E-mail address.
Note: Because the capacity of Alumni Network is limited, currently each person can only apply for one alumni ID and E-mail address. If a person is found applying for more than one ID, his/her right to apply for the alumni E-mail address will be canceled.
(3) The administrator will send a congratulation letter to your registered E-mail address once your information is verified. This process will be within one week and you can alter your ID or password before you receive the letter. If your registered E-mail address is invalid, please log in the network to check one week after the application.
Anyone who violates the following principles will be banned from the alumni E-mail services. Those who violate relevant laws and regulations of PRC are at your own peril.
(1) Do not submit false personal information or forge a PKU alumni identity.
(2) Do not disseminate illegal information, such as anti-government, pornographic or violent information, through the network.
(3) Do not send or receive large numbers of junk e-mails deliberately through alumni network.
(4) The service will be closed to those who do not use the alumni E-mail for long (over one year). If you need to use the E-mail again, please contact us to activate your account.
If you have any suggestions or questions on alumni E-mail service, please send E-mails to