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College of Environmental Sciences

Publish:2013-08-14 14:58:50

The College of Environmental Sciences at Peking University started from the establishment of the Department of Geology and Geography in 1952. Then in 1993 and 2000, Environmental Science and Urban Planning as undergraduate programs were added, respectively, to the department. The College now has five departments: Ecology, Urban and Regional Planning, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Resource and Environmental Sciences; and two research institutes: Center for Historical Geography, Center for Architecture Research; and dozens of research centers covering diverse fields. Members of the college pursue the excellence in research, education, and outreach in environment-related fields. Equipped with world-class research facilities and field stations, many faculty members are working towards the frontiers of environmental, ecological, and geographical sciences, and have made the College an exciting place to work.
The college currently consists of 140 faculty members, including 44 full professors, and 46% of the faculties have doctor degree. Among the full professors, there are three academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and four Cheung Kong Scholars. There are seven Distinguished Young Scholars sponsored by the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC). Professors in the college are educated or trained by China’s top academic institutions and world-renowned universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, France, Germany and Hong Kong. Faculty in the college specialize in a wide range of areas and cover a variety of disciplines, including environmental science, ecology, geomorphology, physical geography, Quaternary geology, human geography (economic geography, urban geography and historical geography), urban planning, urban design and architecture. In addition, there are 17 staff handling a variety of administrative and laboratory functions.
College of Environmental sciences has implemented college admissions since 2003. All college freshmen have to study the basic unity of the teaching program in the first year. In the second semester year, on the basis of two-way selecting, students will be selected into department of Environmental Sciences, Resource and Environmental Sciences, Urban Planning (five years), and Ecology. The excellent students in Resource and Environmental Sciences department will be selected into the National Geography Science Base class, and this class will implement dynamic management. Environmental Science teaching has a international standards, the college will cultivate future academic elite as well as high-level application-oriented talents.
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