Public Transportation

There are many public buses that stop by PKU, which makes it convenient for our students to get around the city. Due to the fact that many roads in Beijing are under construction and that the city is constantly developing, the public transportation system (including routes, buses and subways) is subject to change. is an interactive website that can help you find your way around the city via public transportation. Type your point of departure at “起点” and your point of destination at “终点” and click on the “查询” button. A window will appear informing you about the public buses, subways and the transfers that you will need to take in order to travel to your destination.

There is one subway station at the East Gate of Peking University, which is on the Subway Line 4.

Taxis are also readily available on and around campus. The regular taxi meter-rate is 2.3 RMB/kilometer. Do keep the receipt at the end of your ride in case you need to get in touch with the driver or with the taxi company.

Please note that Motorcycles and Electric Vehicles without any license are not allowed on campus.