Successful Start of a Great Journey

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On July 3rd 2017, Peking University Chinese Language Summer School welcomed the first round of international students into its doors to embark on a great journey in learning the Chinese language. The 159 students come from 28 countries around the world but one trait they all share is their love of PKU and China.

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Registration and Checking-In

During the morning hours, the new students efficiently completed their arrival procedures and received their Peking University Student ID Card. The revised check-in process allowed students to update their information online, which saved precious time. In the introduction to daily life at PKU section, new students heard from Joseph Oliver Mendo’o, who has been at PKU for many years, about the day-to-day life at PKU and important reminders and tips. The new students then visited PKU’s most famous landmark: Peking University Hall and took a group picture. After, a group of excellent current PKU students meet with the students and welcomed their new friends to PKU. They proceeded to form language exchange teams and went off to get the full campus tour and learned about PKU.

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Joseph Mendo'o speaks to new students arriving at Peking University

In the afternoon, the new students arrived at the School of Chinese as a Second Language to confirm their class selections and received their textbooks and schedules. The students had already taken their Self Assessment of Chinese Proficiency before arriving at PKU, a change from prior years. The School of Chinese as a Second Language used the Self Assessment scores to place them in the appropriate class. This saved time since the students no longer needed to take the Assessment after arrival and then select classes.

PKU Chinese Summer Language School prepared four sets of differing agendas for programs of varying length; this year PKU hosted two 4-week long programs, a 6-week long program, and a 8-week long program. The first round of students arrived on July 3rd and the second round will arrive on August 6th. This marks a large increase in the number of students of the summer school, the expected number of students for the second round is 136 students. Added up, PKU summer school’s student population totals around 300 students, which is a 30% increase from last year.

In addition to high-quality Chinese courses, the summer school has prepared classes, activities and exchange events to broaden the foreign students’ understanding and appreciation of the Chinese culture. Students will sit in 16 Dialogue with Experts to further learn about Chinese history and culture. On the evening July 12th, the students got a taste of Chinese music in a traditional concert with performances from famous artists. This grand event was organized by the PKU Office International Relations, sponsored by Central Conservatory of Music’s String Instrument Music Ensemble, and held by the Peking University Chinese Music Institute and the Peking University Sing Song Acapella group. Chinese and international exchange students also brought delightful music for this feast for the ears. On July 19th, PKU will also host One World at PKU, an event where Chinese and foreign faculty will present. This is will be the big ‘family gathering’ where students and staff will create close bonds.  

PKU’s Chinese Language Summer School is a tradition for foreign students visiting PKU and China. PKU has been improving it’s summer school every year it has been held, to make sure students learn Chinese, experience the Chinese culture and make new, international relationships. This program has been acclaimed by more and more overseas academics and friends. This program allows foreign students to become PKU alumni and nurtures new dignitaries that will create bridges in a global society.