Course Introduction——Chinese Characters for Beginner

[ 发布时间 ]2016-11-28 15:27:50
Is it widely believed that Chinese characters are extremely difficult to learn. Well, it is no longer the case. Step by step, the new MOOC course in PKU Chinese Characters for Beginners will give you the basic knowledge (both in writing and meaning) of nearly 1000 characters and their useful compound words, thus enlarging your vocabulary and improving your comprehensive abilities in Chinese.

Shi Zhengyu, the teacher of this course, comes from the Department of Chinese as a Second Language at PKU, is an expert in Chinese character studies and especially experienced in its teaching. She has been the teacher of the course of Chinese characters for years at PKU, and is the author of several books in Chinese character studies (e.g. the Origins of Chinese Characters, PKU Press) and several textbooks (e.g. a Bridge to Chinese Characters, PKU Press).

How is the whole course consisted of?
1. 6 characters per lesson, 40 lessons per semester, 4 semesters altogether, leading to the total number of 960

2. One test after every 4 lessons as the end of a week’s study

3. At present, the first semester's course has been completed. After reorganizing it will be relaunched in October 24th; The second semester's course will be accessible on line by the end of this year

This course has the following features:
1. Providing the meaning of the morphemes/characters as well as the compound words
2. Providing the Pinyin and the English translation
3. Providing a good many of exercises of different kinds
4. Providing vivid pictures to help understanding and memorizing

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