Peking University Chinese Language Online Summer School 2021

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01 Program Introduction

Peking University Chinese Summer School was founded in the 1980s. It is committed to providing overseas students with a diversified platform to enter Peking University, learn Chinese, and understand China. With its long history of running the school, high-quality teaching system, and extensive and in-depth Chinese-foreign cultural exchange events and rich and varied field trips and hands-on activities, the summer school has attracted the attention and favor of more and more international students. Every year, there are about 300 overseas students from more than 30 countries participating in the school.

02 Program Details

A.        Course Arrangement

1.       Duration: Choice of 4-week, 6-week or 8-week programs

2.       Class Mode: Online platform teaching [Live] + Exclusive course materials + Experienced teaching assistants (platform account and detailed download/use tutorials will be provided).

3.       Daily Schedule:

8:30–9: 00, Monday to Friday: Small group discussion under the leadership of course teaching assistants

9:00–11:00, Monday to Friday: Online course main curriculum taught by lead teacher

14:00–15:00, Tuesday and Thursday: course assistants provide online tutoring

Friday afternoons: Lectures in English

(Teachers may adjust the timing of the classes to accommodate the time zone of the students’ location. In order to ensure that students in different time zones are able to keep up with the learning progress, during the program the real-time online classes allow repeated review until 48 hours after the end of the class.)

B.         Introduction to the Courses

1.       Comprehensive Chinese

·         Focus on improving and enhancing students’ reading, writing skills and oral communication proficiency.

·         Learn common vocabulary, grammar and sentence patterns of the Chinese language to enhance students’ comprehensive skills and communicative ability in Chinese.

Advanced Class: For those who have a vocabulary of more than 2500 Chinese words. The course aims to enable students to discuss and communicate their ideas on general social topics.

Intermediate Class: For those who have a vocabulary of more than 1200 Chinese words. The course aims to allow students to use Chinese in lives, studies and work.

Elementary Class: For those who have a vocabulary of more than 200 Chinese words. The class mainly teaches basic grammar and daily expressions.

Basic Class: Mainly for students with zero Chinese ability, and teaches students Pinyin, common Chinese characters and simple Chinese words and sentences.

2.       Advanced-level Business Chinese

Textbooks contain company profile, banking business, corporate investment, recruitment, benefits package and corporate training. Besides, the students will also be taught with some vocabularies, sentences and topics on business and work scenarios as a supplement to their course studies.

·         These are special courses that are tailored for the business and workplace fields.

·         Course content includes company introduction, corporate team training, corporate investment promotion, banking business, and practical words and topics in the workplace

3.       HSK Training Course

HSK is an international standardized exam that tests and rates Chinese language proficiency. The HSK course is a thematic course that is tailored towards HSK intermediate and advanced exam preparation. There are 3 levels in this course, namely:

·   HSK (Level 4) Course

·   HSK (Level 5) Course

·   HSK (Level 6) Course

(The textbooks are compiled by the School of Chinese as a Second Language, Peking University.)

C.        Course requirements

The Chinese online summer classes are taught in small classes, each with about 15 students. Classes of the same level with fewer than 8 students will be cancelled, in which case, students must choose other courses.

D.        ‘Dialogue with Experts’ English language lecture series

Do you want to meet and talk with the experts in China Studies? Do you want to learn more about Chinese history and culture? Do you want to get some tips on mastering Chinese?

If so, “Dialogue with Experts,” English language lecture series is for you. This summer, the series of lectures will invite well-known professors of Peking University to offer eight wonderful English lectures during July to August. Most of the lecturers and professors have been engaged in related teaching, scientific research and management for a long time. They have rich teaching experience and cultural exchange experience between East and West, and have made great achievements in cross-cultural communication and other fields. We believe that, attending these lectures, you can make friends from all over the world, broaden your international horizons, and gain insights.

·         Time: Lectures will be held once per week and last 1.5 hours each. Announcement of the lecture series schedule will be made after the program begins.

·         Topics: Lecture topics will cover content such as Chinese history and culture, language learning methods, international relations, and finance and economy.

·         Certificate: Students who attend more than 75% of the lecture series will receive a certificate of attendance.

E.         Attendance requirements

1.       Students should not come late to, leave early from or be absent from online classes.

2.       Students should ask for leave when unable to attend classes for any reason.

3.       If a student comes late or leaves early 3 times will be considered as one incident of absenteeism, which will lead to a loss in grade by 1 point for the exam, except for those who have asked for sick leave and have presented a doctor’s note. Those who ask for a sick leave without a doctor’s note will be considered as taking a personal leave. A personal leave (i.e., being absent for 2 class hours), will result in a loss in grade by 0.5 point for the exam.

4.       In principle, those who have accumulated absences totaling one fourth or more of the total number of class hours will be unable to obtain a grade for the course.

5.       Students who are unable to attend online classes on time due to time zone differences will not be considered absent if they complete their study within 48 hours after the end of the class.

F.          Exams and Grade Components

1.       The overall course grade will be based upon 3 components: score on the course completion exam, scores on regular assignments and tests, and attendance.

2.       Students will be offered an official transcript and a course completion certificate as a Short Overseas Exchange Program of Peking University.

03 Program Schedule

Program type



4-week program A

June 28 – July 23

Basic, elementary, intermediate
  and advanced learners

6-week program

June 28 – August 6

8-week program

June 28 – August 20

4-week program B

August 2 – August 27

Advanced Business Chinese (6 weeks)

June 28 – August 6

Advanced learners

HSK Training Course (6 weeks)

June 28 – August 6

Intermediate and advanced learners

04 Application

A.   Application Requirements

·         Be a non-Chinese citizen;

·         Be between 18 and 50 years of age (inclusive);

·         Have a high school diploma or above;

·         Be in good health, friendly to China and have no criminal record.

B.   Application Period

Applications will open on November 30, 2020. Programs starting on June 28, 2021 will stop accepting applications at 24:00 on May 25, 2021. Programs starting on August 2 will stop accepting applications at 24:00 on June 25, 2021 (The above date and times are all Beijing time.)

C.   Application Documents (submit scanned copies online

·         Photocopy of your passport information page.

·         Certificate of your highest academic achievement, for example a diploma or degree, or proof of enrollment at your current educational institution.

·         A reference letter in either English or Chinese.

·         HSK Certificate or official transcripts of full-time Mandarin training (if applicable).

Chinese Language Proficiency Evaluation

We will evaluate each student’s Chinese proficiency based on the results of an online Chinese proficiency test and put students into classes based on their level for the group teaching. The specific test method will be announced by email after the students are admitted. Complete the online Chinese proficiency test within one week after receiving the email/message mentioned above. After being admitted, students of the Advanced Business Chinese Program (6 weeks) and HSK Level 4, Level 5, and Level 6 courses (6 weeks) do not need to take the online Chinese proficiency test; however, all other students must complete the test within that one week.

05 Payment & Refund Policy

A.   Fees (RMB/yuan)

1.       Application Fee (non-refundable): ¥400

2.       Tuition Fee (including fees for electronic textbooks):

Four-week program: ¥6,000

Six-week program: ¥7,000

Eight-week program: ¥8,000

Advanced-level Business Chinese (6 weeks): ¥8,000

HSK Training Course (6 weeks): ¥8,000

3.       Payment method: Online payment (applicants will receive an electronic receipt after the payment).

B.   Refund Policy

1.       For courses starting on June 28:
On or before April 26, 2021: 50% refund of tuition fees.
Between April 26 – May 30, 2021: 25% refund of tuition fees.
On May 31, 2021 or later: no refund.

2.       For courses starting on August 2:
On or before May 31, 2021: 50% refund of tuition fees.
Between May 31 – July 5, 2021: 25% refund of tuition fees.
On July 6, 2021 or later: no refund.

06 Special Note

In 2021, our program will award students who have made significant academic progress, outstanding performance, and excellent grades during the program with the title of “Chinese Star” and provide a scholarship. (The specific method will be notified in detail after the program starts, so stay tuned!)