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 Since the program enrollment work started in December 2020, we have  been exploring the possibility of conducting offline teaching. At the  same time, we have received many letters and emails from overseas  friends about this issue. Here, we would like to express our gratitude  for your continued attention, trust and support of our program!

 At present, countries around the world are still working together to  actively control the coronavirus epidemic. After comprehensive research  and careful consideration, we have decided that Peking University’s  Chinese Summer School Program in 2021 will still be taught in the online  mode. In order to allow our online courses to achieve better teaching  results, we have been actively exploring more efficient and flexible  teaching platforms and hiring the most experienced Chinese teaching  teachers from Peking University in order to provide you with more  diverse and targeted course options. In addition, for those students who  have studied hard, made significant academic progress, had outstanding  performance and excellent grades and achieved good results during the  Chinese language program, we will officially award the title of  “Excellent Performance” and provide an ‘Excellent Performance Award’  scholarship encouragement.

 Thank you again for your patience and understanding of the situation at  Peking University Chinese Summer School in 2021. We hope that, by  choosing to enroll in this year’s online Chinese language program, you  can start an unforgettable “Chinese in the Clouds” learning journey with  us, and begin to write your own “PKU Story”. For specific course information, please refer to our official website  and the attached Chinese and English enrollment guidelines.

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